2019 Internet Sale

Sale of the East 2019

2019 AXA Sale of the East


Viewing and bids start Oct 27/19 and close out Oct 30/19 at 5PM Mountain Time


Welcome To The Sale of the East 2019 (SmartAuctions.co)

This year’s sale brings to fruition our thoughts for the past couple of years of hosting an online auction which would allow for participation by more breeders without the expense of travel. Viewing and bids start Oct 27/19 and close out Oct 30/19 at 5PM MT.

Obviously the sale date has been changed from the early Sept date to allow our calves to better represent themselves at picture time. The Sept sale required pics to be taken early July which in some cases showed pics of lesser developed calves. Hopefully that problem has been resolved and will allow for the calves to show more maturity.

Our sale can only be completed with the help of our two herdsmen Henry Knight and Dale Black. If you have questions on the cattle please feel free to call.

Thank you and hopefully we have an offering will provide you with some of the genetics you desire to add to your herd.

Allan Marshall cell 506-636-1877
Henry Knight cell 506-470-6102
Dale Black cell 506-323-8085

Thank you for the buyers at the AXA Internet Sale of the East 2019

Scott Young New Brunswick CAN
Eric Walker Tennessee USA
Kya Rhodes Oklahoma USA
Nathan Reimer British Columbia CAN
Dan Dick British Columbia CAN
Gary Doss Missouri USA
Andrew Kopeechuk Manitoba CAN
Robert Flack Ontario CAN
Peter Voss Ontario CAN
Victor Oulton Nova Scotia CAN

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